XML Services News


Available Services

  • Capability – You can select the Services best fitting your needs based on shipment criteria along with booking cut-off, pickup cut-off and transit times
  • Rate Quote – Receive your account-specific price quotes along with the breakdown of charges for the requested service combinations
  • Shipment Processing - The shipment data is validated as you process the shipments
  • Label Generation – Generates DHL compliant shipment label image
  • Pickup Booking – Schedule a DHL courier pickup and / or cancel pickup request
  • Tracking - Obtain shipment details and event visibility including the estimated delivery date of the shipment
  • Returns – Enable your receiver to Globally return shipments while being in full control of the entire process
  • Paperless Trade – submit your shipment related paperwork electronically for customs clearing. (Not all countries support this feature)
  • Shipment Preparation – Create a DHL compliant shipment label in advance which can be used for future shipments
  • On Demand Delivery (ODD) – OOD makes it possible for customers to request when/how a shipment is delivered. This provides options such as Signature release, hold at station, etc
  • Commercial Invoice – DHL’s XML-PI web service will produce a commercial invoice based off of the customs data provided during the shipment creation process

DHL XML Services related news and information

Current Version - February 2019 - v6.3

1) Enhancement to Shipment request, which includes the option to suppress rates returned in the shipment response. This will improve response time when processing shipments with this feature.

March 2018 - v6.2

1) Enhanced Account number validation for rating
2) Extend length of Address Line 1,2,3 and Company Name
3) Enhanced Shipment Document reference for shipment creation

November 2017 - v6.1

1) Enhanced product and service capability validation
2) Commercial Invoice creation capability
3) Tracking piece level translation
4) Meta Data elements

April 2017 - v6.0

1) Support for customer supplied barcode
2) Dangerous goods shipment enhancements for shipments
3) Extended valid incoterm values within shipment requests

April 2016 - v5.2.3

1) Turn off EU rating by Site ID
2) EProcShip flag – if this flag is used in shipment request for all regions, no CPP or DCT call will be triggered

February 2016 - v5.2.2

1) Global Masking enhancement

November 2015 - v5.2.1

1) Integration enhancement to support Easyship PLT shipment for Image Upload service enhancement to bypass Waybill validation

August 2015 - v5.2.0

1) Cyrillic Feature enhancement for Shipment Validation, Pickup, Routing, Quote and Capability service.

a) Support UTF-8 encoding format for both extended characters and Cyrillic in XML Services client’s request.

b) ESB Transliteration Service will be invoked to enable XMLPI to support Transliteration feature from Cyrillic characters to Latin characters.

c) Cyrillic implementation should be triggered based on configuration at Shipper level.

d) Transliteration feature will be invoked to form transliterated values before interface with backend services (existing DCT, eComGateway, EIP, EADCI and GLS).

2) Other enhancement for Shipment Validation Services:

a) New GLS RU template will be introduced.

b) Client is allowed to opt for Cyrillic implementation on XML Services Response.

c) Increase the length of Shipper Reference Type Element to 3 maximum characters.

d) Introduce piece level reference in shipment request.

e) ODD changes, sending Consignee’s email id and mobile phone number to backend applications.

3)Toolkit enhancement:

a)Toolkit’s client program will be able to read XMLPI response in UTF-8 encoding and parse client’s request in UTF-8 encoding for Pickup, Routing, Quote and Capability Services.

b)Label Utility will enhance to support new GLS RU template.

c)Documentation update.

4) Overall application enhancement: