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11th September 2022 – v10.0.8 release

1) New shipping role of Ultimate Consignee introduced in shipment request.
2) New shipping role of Buyer introduced in shipment request.
3) Enhancement Capability and Quotation service on validating service combinations and dependencies.
4) Introduction of Estimated Duty and Tax amount on commercial invoice.
5) Enhancement for (optional) strict Indicates strict validation of shipper and consignee address details, and validation of product and service(s) combination provided in shipment request.

All customers on older versions of Shipment Validation Services should plan on migrating to our newer Integration protocols (RESTFUL/JSON, SOAP XML) or upgrade to the latest version – 10.0 as DHL Express plans on depreciating all older versions soon. Our DHL representatives will be reaching out on more information regarding this.

16th October 2022 - v10.0.9 release

1)SG regulatory requirement – support for Overseas Vendor Registration Goods & Services Tax Registration Number (OVR GSTN) and GST taxes at line-item level for Low Value Goods shipments being shipped to SG.
2) No enrichment of Line item data taken from Shipment data if there are no CI data provided.
3) Country Code validation across full shipment data provided (customer roles’ Country Code, Registration Number Issuing Country’s Code and Export Line Item’s Manufacturing Country Code).
4) Support for Dangerous Goods customized IATA Dangerous Good statement on Shipment level which to be rendered on Transport Label and Waybill Document.
5) Capabity & Quote service: Option to choose Estimated Delivery Date Type Quoted Fastest Delivery Date (QDDF) - default or QDDC (Committed) to be returned in the response.
6) Label Utility removed from Toolkit in preparation of Label Utility sunset.